Intervju för bloggen Heroines of my life!

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Jag blev intervjuad av Monika Kowalska som driver bloggen : 

The Heroines of My Life

This blog is about women that are my everyday inspirations. I interviewed 259 women that radiate with wisdom, beauty, intelligence and love. The blog is about women that proved to me that there is hope for me and it is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.


Monika: Let’s start with your autobiography first. Why did you decide to "Jag har ångrat mig"?

Vanessa: Thank you Monika! The English version would be: “I Changed My Mind”. A TG sister of mine told me once about the native American two-spirit people. I started to investigate the two-spirits through books, and I found out that what she told me was true! Native Americans had multiple genders in their society. The basic were woman, man, female men and manly female, who were all socially accepted. 

I’m from the native Mapuches from Chile, so I could see myself living in this deeply spiritual society where they valued gender variance. Would I have hated my gender if I lived in that time? Absolutely not! If I was brought up in a society like that, I wouldn’t. Native Americans never gendered their children until the child itself expressed their own experienced gender. They never interfered or suppressed the child’s exploration and playing. It was against their values to ever interfere in somebody’s pathway.

If nobody ever told me that there was anything wrong with me or my body I would never have canalized that to hate towards my gender. In our time “Gender dysphoria” is something that you have to “fix” with hormone therapy and gender reassignment. Both very invasive to the body.

I believe that transgender people should avoid gender reassignment and hormone replacement therapy, the side effects of going through those treatments are unnecessary. We should work on social constructions and self acceptance. We should instead put value in nature’s ability to create gender variance as a part of human diversity, we would not need to correct our healthy and fully functioning body parts.

So hating my gender was because of the limiting gender constructions that exists in our time that only accepts two models of humanity’s multiple variations of gender and gender expression. And if you don’t live up to those norms there is something wrong with you.

I could have lived with my boy body and with my female gender identity without any surgery. If I only had accepted that combination within myself, but I was not liberal enough at that time and didn’t have the knowledge that gives me this perspective that I have today, therefore I took the solution on “fixing my body” to fit my gender identity. I should have claimed my own kind of woman instead, a woman in a boy’s body living socially like a woman! Like a two-spirit!

Monika: Which moments of your life did you particularly focus on?