Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia

This non-fiction biography is definitely my favorite Princess story of all times. No Cinderella will ever know what it is to be a true princess as the Royal Highness Princess Sultana Al Sa ´ ud. One of the strongest woman in the world and a great inspiration for me. 

On one occasion, Princess Sultana got in contact with the American writer Jean Sasson who interviewed her and revealed the secret life that was going on behind the golden cages of the royal Saudis. You will get sucked into the story and in Princess Sultanas unbelievable courage. I read the trilogy in 5 days. That is, by the way, my personal speed reading record! 

She is one of the four wives, with no rights to drive her own car or even step out in public areas without the companionship of a manly family member. Her own regime, culture and  her family members being her biggest oppressor. This is a heartbreaking story about a princess fighting for liberation. The book also reveals the horrific violations of their underpaid foreign servants.

Courage, adventure, love, and hope are the four words that would simply describe the book Princess.

Jean Sasson has told many stories amongst them is the story of Growing up with Bin Laden, that is the next book on my list to read! 

For the digital version of the book Princess sold in Amazon klick here. There you will also find the Look Inside feature so you can start reading 50 pages right away for free!

I might pick up the book again to get some courage and inspiration!

Have a great day!

Love Vanessa <3