Vernissage by Henny Irené Melin Olsson: Its Never Too Late


Last weekend I have been running around like crazy with errands and I have forgotten to take my camera with me every time. I decided to get my act together and bring my camera for Hennys event. She had her first vernissage ever this weekend in the city of Stockholm. A dream she had longed for many years finally came true and all over the gallery was the presence of pastel and pink paintings. I love her work, it really adds what is missing in winter Sweden: colors of the sun. Some of her paintings were slightly psychedelic though. Henny, did you paint some of your work in the Flower Power era? She could have, I mean, she is in her mid 70:s and still kicking butt! 

I had the opportunity to speak to Henny and she gave me some good words of advice! Just what I needed! Somebody wiser than me to tell me that limitations are just in our own minds, that it is really never too late!  She had also written a biography, and guess what I had in my purse to use for exchange! My own biography! Yay! 

Since I grew up without any of my grandparents generations in my life, I kind of missed out of a very important link to my past. That is the reason I really enjoy the company of the generations older than me.  It kind of fills up a need for love & wisdom that I never got from my own grandparents. 

Great to meet you Henny! Good luck with your paintings! You Rock! Wish you cold adopt me!

PS: How cool isn't Henny? You can find her on Twitter! Klick here.

Big kiss