How to read a book in 10 minutes.

I really recommend Tai López for people who is into personal development. And no, we are not related. Give him a chance and you can get away with new valuable skills that can serve you good in life. 

Can you imagine that thousands and thousands of human experiences and wisdoms is available to us today through books.  We can solve so many of our problems by basically and simply reading ourselves out of them. Al humans can learn new skills and self understanding abilities! But then comes the time issue. Who has time to read in our society? Now you will no longer have excuses not learning new skills or gaining personal growth. I strongly recommend Tais video were he shares his technics and secrets on how to learn to read a book in 10 minutes.    

Tips from Tai López:

  1. Have other people reading it for you: read book summaries. 
  2. You don´t need to read from beginning to end: skim the book. Sometimes the message of the book is clearly sett on the inside jacket of the book or in the table of content.  

Tai López hadsalso done an amazing talk on TED, about reading books and the importance of having a mentor.


I strongly recommend his INSTAGRAM that is full of wisdom to collect for the really lazy kids.

Have a great day everybody!