Inspiring Swedish woman: Are you becoming your own businness?

 Lena Gustavfsson Author. 

Lena Gustavfsson Author. 

Yesterday I was at the signing and seminar event of a textbook that I started to read right away on the tube back home. 26 Swedish woman that have made careers shares their stories and wisdoms about leadership. More and more people are becoming autonomous, meaning that they are becoming their own business. Here is a great book if you want to get started och develope your business to the next level.   

Isn't it amazing that you can get this kind of information compressed and directly in your hand, of these Swedish Women CEO:s. 

One of the 26 woman interviewed, Elisabeth Massi Fritz says: dare to delegate and trust other people's own ability to develop. 

The table of content is full of inspiring messages:

  • follow your own compass
  • make a life plan
  • network
  • choose an organization that fits with your own values

Interesting Swedish statistics: 

  • women stand for 64% of al the university degrees
  • but only 42 % of people that works

Now that I´m learning how to speed read with Howard BergI can attain the best information without going through every single little word, in so much shorter time! 

Have a great friday, enjoy the sun!

xo Vanessa