Book release and inauguration of HIV test

I´m reading so many books lately. This guy Tai López  has become my youtube mentor and as soon as I´m starting to get lazy or I start to procrastinate, I start listening to his videos and I get this instant inspiration to keep on going.  He reads a book a day and is full of wisdom and perspectives on why people are stuck in the "rat race".

A book that I´m reading today is Managing oneself. Their main message is: knowing your strengths and focus on becoming expert in what you are good at rather than becoming a mediocre at what you are not so good at. 

I have learned why most people stay in the same economic class as their parents and what the rich people teach their kids about economics in the book Rich dad & poor dad. I mean wouldn't you want to know that? It´s a book that can save so many people valuable time. Remember knowledge is power! It's yours for only some dollars!

Later today I met up with Saga who was going as a special guest to the inauguration of a new HIV test that is "express", it only takes 15 minutes to get your results and you don't need to register any of your personal information. This is really a groundbreaking initiative because now even more people will get access to the tests! 

The tests will be made in RFSL:s offices around the country, but also in certain nightclubs! Look at their page for more info klick here. 

A sweet kiss to Saga and of I was to the next event, Felicia Margineanu:s book release, a young social entrepreneur that took stand against racism at the age of 17 in Sergels Torg in the city of Stockholm with an audience of 10 000 people. In her book, she gives advices about how you can manage political projects in the name of democracy and human rights. Klick here to buy her book. (Swedish language only)

An inspiring book for the young kidz!

My head is so full of information I have to process. 

God night kisses!