I won 2 tickets to the...

Today I had a photoshoot for the Swedish trans calendar 2016 for the LGBTQI organisation of Sweden: RFSL. It only took 1 hour and we got the picture that we wanted really fast! I woke up early and planned to put on my whole kit: clip on extensions, false eyelashes, and makeup, but I decided to not wear any makeup this time. Exciting! Not even Mascara! Nada!

Today I feel so lucky! I found out that I won tickets to the entrepreneurs platform Driva Egets day for small businesses in Malmö. Many leading entrepreneurs are gonna share their stories, talk about branding and many other inspiring seminars! Great opportunity for networking!  

Sundays are my lazy days, meaning I ´m allowed not to do anything that has to do with my work. So today I made vegan muffins. Yummy!

Thank you, Kim Nygren and Anna Finnborg for the shoot!

Sincerely yours

Vanessa López