OMG! I´m Featured in VEGO Magazine

To be featured in Vego Magazine means so much for me since I´m a vegan myself. The interview made by the chief editor himself, Mattias Kristiansson, was amazing! I'm really proud to be part of this and I´m so thankful that al the vegan community is going to be able to take part of my story and book. 

In this issue of Vego Magazine, Pernilla Berg debunks the myths about Soy. Great article! She is a nutritionist and toxicologist and runs the portal: 

Dr David Stenholtz tells about the latest discoveries on food, and on this issue he writes about the correlation between milk products and prostate cancer.

The Vego Magazine is available digitally on iTunes check it out  here.

Thank you Mattias Kristiansson for the interview, and thank you for the contribution that you are making, not just to human health and the environment, but most of al, for the unnecessary suffering av the animals.

Sincerely yours, Vanessa López