Today i feel down

Today was the first night that I had regular 8-hour sleep. But still today in the morning I woke up grumpy, so I went to the gym and sauna and it feels a little bit better. But still I feel that I just want to lay on the sofa and watch television al day, just doing nothing. 

Maybe that´s what I need to do. Just rest today, it´s Sunday, the day we are meant to rest. But often when I have lazy days I feel that it only gets worse! I start eating junk food and longing for the day that the sun is going return to my life.

My biggest dream is to live in a sunny country during the winters in Sweden, because when it´s sunny I'm on top, full of energy and feel loving and caring. But the gray weather still comes as a surprise to me, shouldn't I be used to the weather shifts already? Gosh!

This week has been full of inspiration and positivities! On Wednesday I had an interview with one of the biggest evening newspapers in Sweden Kvällsposten, I also lectured to some kids in Fryshuset. Then on Thursday I went to listen to some lectures about entrepreneurship in the city of Malmö. I brought my sister to this lectures and it was so inspiring! So happy that my sister got incentive to start her own business!  Love you baby sister!

Saturday I was in the women's entrepreneur network Shenet, we had a flea market and I signed 8 books and I sold some of my old Hermes scarves and clothes that I don't want anymore. The other women entrepreneurs had amazing things in the flea market and I made some great bargains!

I packed up my stuff from the flea market and went to listen to the Vego forums lectures and I saw my favorite vegan: Cheif editor of the vegan magazine: Mattias Kristiansson, sitting there smiling like an angel! 

Probably it's a combination of little sleep, bad eating, my hormones that I have been forgetting to take and the lack of sun that makes me feel this down today.

Hope you are having a better day!

Love Vanessa