It´s official: I´m Signing a new book contract for a Children´s book!

I Just spoke to the publishing editor of Vombat Publishing, they are specialised in children's books. We are signing the contract for the book that me and the writer Malin Nilsson have been working on for some months now! Today I saw the first cover illustration of the book and I really love it! 

The books age group is 9-12 and the main character is a transgender girl named Mickan. I have always dreamt of writing a children's book about a transgender girl! And a couple of months ago this amazing person and initiative to this book, Malin Nilsson, a published children's book writer, contacts me and wants to do this project with me, and now we are signing a contract! 

It has been such an amazing experience writing this book with Malin! And Vombat Publisher that believes in this project! The book will have the premiere under the summer and we will probably have book signings on Pride!

Amazing! I'm so happy today! This is going to be my second published book in less than a year!

Lots of love