Today we celebrate International Women’s Day at Fryshuset in Stockholm. Many different national and international organizations were present today focusing on marginalized women all over the world (excluding transgender women, unfortunately!). There were seminars and a lot of networking with so many amazing people!

I met with many strong individuals today. One of them is Arghavan Agida, who is a writer, singer and woman rights activist. Her book, ZAN, means a woman in Farsi. It is an anthology of 10 women living in Iran, a country where freedom of speech is regulated and suppressed by their religious regime. Arghavana was also a political refugee as a child and in her book you can also read about her struggle to get to Sweden, a country that accepted her and her family with open arms. But the list of accomplishments doesn't stop there for this amazing woman! She is also a producer and is currently working on a new secret project! I can't wait! I´m currently reading her book; it gives me shivers all over my body and I wanted to cry so many times!

Such a fulfilling and inspiring day! The sun shined and everybody seemed so happy (remember it's winter in Sweden – dark and little sunlight)! I made my own GENDERFLUID pin that the IOGT-NTO organization had on their stand. One day maybe we will see an organization working for the rights of transgender women! Next year maybe!

Big kiss from an inspired girl!