Gipsys are not ashamed of themselves

I like the common personality trait of the gypsies that immigrated to Sweden lately. They are not easily ashamed of things, which is a stellar personality trait in my opinion and a good inspiration for the timid Swedish mentality. Think about how free we would be if shame wasn't governing us.

Lately, I’ve learned to identify my behavior patterns that get activated when I feel ashamed, or when I am afraid to be ashamed. I’ve learned how they can block me from doing things that I really want to do, even small insignificant things like asking for street directions to a total stranger. Not making a phone call to a bookstore to sell my book, just because of fear of getting rejected and consequently, ashamed. Or not daring to smile to that guy that I always see and like because I´m afraid. What if he doesn't smile back?

Today, on my way to the metro, there were some Brazilians playing musical instruments. The beautiful rhythm of samba went straight to my soul and I sped up to get closer to the music. I started to fantasize about being on vacation in a warm country where music on the streets is part of everyday life. In my thoughts, I was in a carnival, dancing the samba with no inhibitions in the middle of the street. One day, I’d dare to do something like that for sure, I said to myself.

When I arrived at the samba scene, I realized that I wasn't the only one wishing to dance. Some girls were already living out my dreams. They were dancing on the street as if it were a live Brazilian carnival! The girls weren’t dancing the samba though; they were dancing their own traditional dance to the music without a thought to anything besides the moment of joy. They waved around their long skirts and snapped their fingers in front of the audience of timid Swedes that didn't move one bit.

From afar, another girl dressed in a similar outfit hurried towards her group of friends, snapping her fingers while she trying to sell her Sophia Z-4515 magazine to people she passed by. Not a single opportunity did she miss to try to make a sale. What a girl, I thought!

I went home so inspired by these gypsy women for their spontaneous street performance. Their life situation has made them incredibly courageous and street intelligent, never ever letting an opportunity pass by them because of shame. My god, Swedish people are so timid and boring! I thought to myself and soon after I realized what side of the separated group I was standing on myself.

The gypsy girls were at that moment freer than any of us standing behind the timid border. I realized how hypocritical and judgmental I was being because to tell you the truth, I really just wanted to stand there with the gypsy woman and just rave to the samba music and feel at least for a moment, that I was a free soul.

Enjoy the sun today Swedish people!

Love Vanessa