Job interview and foto shoot in some hours...

The magazine Kommunal is writing an interview about my experience in the elderly care field. I used to work as a pre-nurse with elderly people for 4 years. I made a senior friend that I used to visit in my spare time since he felt like a grandparent. At the time I wasn't aware that it was so giving to me because I didn´t have any grandparents present in my life. 

He knew that I was writing a book and wanted to help me out. He was a very elegant Swedish man with academic background. He was the one that taught me about Hemmingway's writing form. Gosh I miss him. He passed away while I was In the Big Brother show.

Now I'm Espresso house waiting for the time to an interview for an volunteer job with LGBTGI teenagers here in Stockholm. 

Wish me luck!

Big kiss