Book cover to our new children´s book! Finally!

Mickan is a fifth grader, born male, who moved to a new school to start off her new life as a girl (transgender). Although she mostly feels like a girl, she is kind of comfortable having a boy body. She lives as a girl and her life in her new school is definitely not going to be what anybody expected.

Media and literature tend to focus only on us transsexuals, the group that wants to correct our body with gender reassignment and hormone therapy. Therefore, we feel it is important to start focusing on the transgender group as a whole.

It’s an important message to children to know that there are different kind of girls and boys with different kind of body and that gender identity is in the heart, not between our legs.

On the 23rd of January 2015, an author, Malin Nilsson, wrote to me and told me that there’s not a single children´s book in Sweden where a transgender character has a main role. She wanted me to be part of the creation of Mickan. Now, three months later our book is being published by Vombat! I spoke to Malin yesterday about how fast this dream has been realized. We are so happy that this dream is coming true! Thank you, Vombat and Malin for making this a reality!

Have a great day!

You will soon be hearing more from us!

Love, Vanessa

PS: the book is being printed now as we speak! It will premiere on July 2015 in perfect timing for Stockholm Pride!