Vanessa´s confessions...

My life has changed so much since I participated in the Swedish show of Big Brother in 2011. I’ve fulfilled almost all of my dreams, published a book, started my own publishing firm and became an entrepreneur.

I learned to make my dreams come true and it is simply about two things: being persistent and not taking rejection so personally. Learning a little bit from every rejection will eventually make your dream come true. As long as there is life there are possibilities. And you know what they say – knowledge is power. Why? Because there is always a way to manifest your wishes. You just have to learn how to do it by making mistakes and working through rejection.

“I´m not lucky enough!” Take that back! Everybody starts somewhere!

Luck is a mindset and about being properly prepared for when the right opportunity shows up. Because you will get opportunities in life and if you are well prepared, you will have “luck.” Be positive, but not naive (I tend to be naive!). Make sure to be out there and well prepared and don´t let shame control you. Let it guide you and show you what you are afraid of and why. Then ask yourself: does my fear have rational reasons, or am I just mind fucking myself? Be bold! Never listen to people that say you can´t! Their mindset is probably the one that sees the glass half empty, and they’ve probably been broken down by rejection.

One of my future dreams now is manifesting very soon with our children´s book with a transgender character, hoping it will make an impact for the LGBTQ community in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Daniel Johansson, a high fashion photographer, Jenny Beckman the best makeup artist I have ever met, and Ioanna N. Olsson an amazing fashion stylist, all chose me for a beauty shoot. So it means that my modeling portfolio is getting updated and I can start looking for a modeling agency again soon!

It´s never too late! Never give up! You can figure it out!

Love, Vanessa