Drag kings Frasse & Mats - The Real Mens Show

If you take a good look at this poster of the drag kings Frasse & Mats, you’ll notice that there are really only two people, Frasse & Mats! I always thought that only drag queens were funny but yesterday I was worried that I would get wrinkles around my face for laughing so much!

They made a parody about the patriarch in the best way I’ve ever seen. At the same time they made me see structures that even I, who considers herself well informed about gender constructions, don´t question so much.

For example, I know that a lot of music is filled with sexist messages. But yesterday they made me think about just how sexist music is, and they never ever said it out loud! They make you see it by yourself. That is the best way to put a message forth to an audience!

The Real Mens Show is a must see if you are in Stockholm and want to see a quality show.

Now, we’re hoping that they can have their own TV-show! It would make people laugh and question structures while thinking about things they normally wouldn’t do.

🌸 It was such a giving evening, as always with lovely Saga who invited me to the show.🌸

Drag king is the new Black!  

Lots of love

💋 Vanessa


Poster photo: Tanne Uddén 

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