3-D printing my Two-spirit jewellery!

A time ago I entered a collaboration with the 3-D company UNIQD. I´m so fascinated by this technology that you will be seeing more of in the future! On their new homepage you can design your own jewellery, for the moment only bracelets but in the future rings, necklace etc.

You simply create your account and then you are ready to start designing! You only do the design on a flat surface and the computer makes the 3d-simulation on a screen that is parallel to the design surface.

When you are happy with the design you decide what material you want your bracelet, gold, silver, brass or bronze.

You place your order and your own designer jewellery is yours in 3 weeks!

I decided to print a bracelet with my two-spirit logo, I haven´t received it yet but on the pictures you can see how it´s going to look like and it will be in gold! Yay! I´m so happy with the design! 

Do you want to design your own jewellery? Take a look at www.uniqd.com