Possibilities are infinite

 Kim Nygren & me

Kim Nygren & me

I´m constantly meeting new transgender people, and I have noticed that the variety of gender definitions is infinite! It´s so unique and teaching to meet other transgenders, especially when they are more experienced than me, meaning that they have come a longer way than myself in redefining gender and sexuality.

And I thought I had cracked the gender code! There is always people more enlightened than you in every subject! It was certainly a very learning experience about gender identity!

Kim, for example, went through what I'm going through, a long time ago; he had some kind of epiphany. Kim is a trans man (meaning he was born with a female body). He tells me that it was so important for him at the beginning of his transition to be seen as a stereotypical male. But now, in the later years, he wears pink nail polish and a baby pink bag to de-dramatize his stereotypical white male heteronormative appearance. Many transsexuals do unfortunately fit into the stereotypes of a heteronormative person when we transition to a male or a woman.

The transgender minority is the one that experiences the most diversity and where the definitions vary from nongender binary to girly or manly transgender. The list goes on as the fantasy goes, and every definition is individual and absolutely valid.

Have a great Sunday babies!

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