5000 people embraced diversity in Karlskrona

The city of Karlskrona had their first Pride celebration ever last year with approximately 5000 people. I love to see the domino effect that seems to be going on in Swedish cities. 

Actually I walked my first pride ever last year and it was an unexpected experience! Why hadn't I done it before? I simply because I wasn't ready before. I actually had a mindset that wanted to separate me from the LGBT group. 

But last year I started to focus on the similarities I have with the rest of the LGBT group instead of the details that separates me from them. I discovered the powerful sense of belonging to the big majority, for the first time ever in my life, in that Pride parade. And since our truck didn't fit the parade, we had to do the Pride walking. And so we did, catwalked al the way with high heals. 

Now I understand why it is called Pride. I really felt so proud of my self that moment! I hav never experienced this feeling of being truly proud of who I´m. 

 This is me 2014 cat walking th pride parade like never before!

This is me 2014 cat walking th pride parade like never before!

I just got into trans and was just totally presence in the moment, the beating music, the feeling of belonging mixed with this collective feeling of pride that thousands of spectacular unique human beings.

I had never felt so free like when I walked in that parade! This year you can expect me in the parade! I´m going to try to make it to as many parades as possible!

I feel so lucky to be going to Karlskrona for a discourse. I´m booked to my speak about gender identity and I will be signing books as well the 29 of may. This is going to be my second stop stop on my pride-tour for this summer! See you there!

Big kiss and love