Bold and beautiful – Jessica Gedin

On Wednesday, I was at the season final recording of Babel, the Swedish literature show every writer wants to be a guest in. But don't get too excited, I was sitting in the audience this time! I was so nervous that I couldn't even concentrate on the invited authors stories. The only thing I remember was that the Indian author, Vivek Narayanan, had a 4-year-old daughter who was sitting in the audience. She fell asleep and was snoring during the recording. Håkan Nesser, the Swedish writer, said that if he could choose to be a hero he would be a female hero, something that I thought was really cool, because cis men in power can do such a great impact by saying things like that. They challenge other men to dare to do the same.

So I laughed when everybody else laughed and I clapped when everybody else clapped and I observed how kind Jessica, the TV show host, was.

I really doubted myself. Was I going to get the opportunity to speak to her and maybe tell her about my book? I knew that the staff of Babel were literary drowning in books sent in from authors hoping to be noticed. But why not go straight to her instead?

So I did. After the recording was over, I went straight to her and asked if I could take some pictures with her and ask some questions. She was so kind and friendly. She asked me to sit down on the sofa where the actual show takes place. She started to take off the microphone from behind her back and I asked her why she didn't have her beautiful hair out (she has distinct red hair most of the time). She happily explained that it was for practical reasons and that she just didn't have time to fix it. Then I asked her if she knew about the two-spirit people. She said she didn’t, so I told her. But she did know that Native Americans respected LGBTQ people, but not that they are called Two-spirits.

I told her about my book and then my two minutes with her were over. The manager called her to take care of the guest authors so she had to run away. She asked if I had my book with me and I gave it to her. She said she would read it.

I was so nervous speaking to this girl, but afterwards I was so happy that I was bold enough to approach her and introduce myself to her.

They probably won’t invite me to the show since my book was published last year, but I got to do something I was scared of and now she will know about me, Two-spirits and my story. Maybe they will be interested in inviting Malin Nilsson and me to speak about our children's book that is ready for the summer! Fingers crossed!

Big kiss to you all!

Be bald and be beautiful, you can only win!