Queer photo exhibition and new cover picture for the English edition

Fashion photographer Jade Hannah has done  photography for many magazines, Including Elle Sweden. Yesterday we made the shoot for the cover for the English edition of my book. I loved the message and the idea she had thought of for my cover.

It felt so nice to arrive and being able to just surrender to Jade Hannah´s hands. Her vision blew me off my feet. But while I was standing there in this strange position, I felt like an amateour and that I was doing everything wrong. Every outfit change happened so quickly! She klicked and told me to do strange poses and it was over, faster than usual. When I saw the pictures, I saw how amazing they were. I was so happy! 

Skärmavbild 2015-06-13 kl. 00.50.56.png

Her stage setup can only be explained with her Instagram picture. The rest I can’t tell you about, but I hope you can imagine what the cords represent in society.

So after the shoot for my cover, I had on a ton of makeup and my hair pulled back with tons of hairspray on it. We went to a queer photo exhibition by Freja Lindberg. I loved a picture by Freja of a boy with his eyes closed while stood somewhere out in a wheat field on the countryside. The picture was in black and white and the boy had sparkling glitter on his lips and also on his closed eyes. I can't wait to get the picture home to show you guys and hang it up the wall! I guarantee you´ll like it!

 Freja Lundberg

Freja Lundberg

I love sunny days and to take part of creative peoples’ lives! Now it is 01:08 in the morning and I have to be up at 07:00 tomorrow morning on Saturday because I´m going to take the flight to Lueå Pride where I’ll have a book signing and a lecture.


Good night and good morning to you! 


Love, Vanessa