Our Children´s book has arrived- Monday at Nyhetsmorgon

Only the principal and the teachers know that 10 year old Mickan is a male to female transgender at her new school. Her classmates don’t know. But a secret always leaks out sooner or later. Mickan is a transgender girl whom isn´t interested in sex change surgery. Instead, she only wants to live socially as a girl. This book is about courage, friendship and standing up for oneself.

Today, I finally received the printed edition of Mickan! I´m so excited! On Monday, I´m going to be a guest the morning show "Nyhetsmorgon" in Sweden to talk about our new book.

There’s so much going on with my books! Yesterday, I received the English version of my biography from a translator in England, which means I have a lot of work to do with my manuscript! Now that it’s been translated, it needs to go through a series of processes before we’ll have the final published book.

Looking forward! 

Monday at Nyhetsmorgon!

Love, Vanessa