Without the love of my family...

I was in a bad mood when going to the book release because getting to the Pride Park in Stockholm was such a hassle! But when I finally got there, it all changed.

I met with Daniel Sjö, the illustrator of the book, Malin Nilsson, my co-author and partner in crime and Tin Eriksson, the publisher in Vombat Förlag, a publishing firm for kids.

Our book, "I’m Mickan" in English, was there on the table in a yellow wood cottage that the release was held in. Although it was raining, there was a lot of parents with their children. I was so happy hanging with these crazy kids, because we don't have any children in our family, the youngest one is my sister and she is 20! Kids are important individuals to hang out with! They are so present and they keep it real!

I have worked with children and youth in so many different context. In several kindergartens when I was a teenager, as an English teacher when I was studying in Madrid, and I have volunteered in a youth center for LGBTQI teenagers here in Stockholm this summer.  

My brother is such a sweetheart! He as holding my purse whilst I was bussy socialising with the kids and taking pictures. Writing this makes me realise that I have been taking my family for granted so much. When my phone got water damage, my mother sent me one new phone to comfort me. I felt so spoiled when I discovered that my mother sent me 50 euros in the phone so I could by a phone case. Whatever dream or aspiration I have my mom suports me. Whenever I feel that I want to give upp everything my moms words always keeps me going.

So to my family, Jose, Anna, Ricardo and my mother Silvia. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and I apologise for taking you for granted. I promise that I will try harder not to. 

Today I realised how much I LOVE YOU!